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That night, his dream has entered Meilin town ……
when, lingering fragrance of plum wine nose and unforgettable?
when, feeling his next stroke, Yin Nian Spring thinking, difficult to give up?
when, he is like a mirror of the heart often pan of water ripples, difficult to calm?
he was of seeding, met her later, there is a kind of nostalgic himself difficult to understand, she often asked, he did not own beliefs, how to enter officialdom, heart faint answers in contrast, he was a rather again and again ignored. In the end what is it? He did not understand, but also do not want to understand.
God punish him, and then let go, came the valley of her fall, dead or alive message. Heard the news of the moment, he probably already dead, Louis Vuitton 2013 Collections Cheap Louis Vuitton Outletheart pain can not be beat, and this time they would understand, bright as a mirror of water that he had also hurt the hearts of ……
do not want to try that pass thorough cardio feelings …… he quietly watching the bottom, he waited, as time goes on, he increasingly determine their own heart, 19 years, his first times produce such a desire, he is increasingly greedy of it, had only to hear her voice, gradually want to enjoy her beauty, then I wanted to accompany her side, and now …… how much he wanted her. …..
He wanted to laugh, to laugh, and he found his stick, his treasure, bright and clean heart no longer empty; he wanted to cry, to pour voice cry, did not know, love the taste so sour so anguish unspeakable ……
“found, to find his wife a floor ……” ears suddenly heard the sound of his confusion was awakened Jiyu crazy mind, feet lose control to the human voice heard around the place , already numb feet a step by step speed, trot, loud voices, he heard his heartbeat, strong, steady, his heart jumped, he again felt his heartbeat …. ..
he found it, you want to find treasure ……
he wants is …….
“found, to find his wife a floor ……” Soldiers rush to go uphill valley cried the voice of joy spread Fengqi instantaneous slope.
heard this, Che’s face finally loosening floor down, first excited, then worried, instead there has been a point of outrage …… face a three changes, emotional volatility, and before other soldiers awareness over, he had quickly ran out, ran straight valley cliff.
weather was a little shimmer, a commotion edge of the valley, to find the floor lady, whole grains soldiers are very happy, not slept in two days, was finally able to see the floor, rest …… look chaotic phase rushed over, consciously let out a road.
valley cliff sits just saved up go late, first time to see her look so embarrassed, clothes Some broken chaos of Appearance pale, slight heart pain, acupuncture feeling spread to the whole body, his face gloomy, had intended severely scolded her meal, to see such a situation now, filled with anger actually only as Yu sigh, low body Louguo her into his arms, softly asked: “hurt?”
this sentence, so simple, yet gently incredible, Louis Vuitton 2013 Collections Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet I do not know why, this pan of water in general, only a drop, but returned late drop into the hearts of the open, face complex and turns Rouchang, did not react, see floor Che distressed hand gently stroking her face, did not know he had shed tears.
drop, two drops of tears …… constantly draw beads, even she did not know why the cry, between life and death is the fear? Is powerless and helpless sorrow? Or ……
watched her silently tears, another burst of palpitations, hand stroking the tears, she wanted to go Sassafras gloom and fear, but in the tentacles of the occasion, felt thorny pain and hot, then tears, good sink … …
light around her, do not care about side had surprised a vision, building Louis Vuitton 2013 Collections Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet

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Yingsheng ear, put him Congchensizhong awakened, look to go late, she had made her hair into a long braid, elegant and naturally as if coming from the mountains like a wizard. noticed her from falling into the valley after Young happy spirit may seem high, Louis Vuitton at Outlet Malls Store Locations when compared to the panic rushed Fengqi slope and helplessness, is simply a world of difference, it seems no longer worried about events happening outside. Secretly amazed, could not open asked: “Do not you worry about it?” Then, a little regret, a rare spirit she is so good, why should remind her own distracting things happen, you want to make, I do not know how to say. a little sadly, she turned hearted smile: “I have nothing to worry about, things are a foregone conclusion, is not it?” smile though brilliant, but a faint but lost. Linrui En light nod, and sometimes do not know what to say, I suddenly smelled the smell of horse meat, turn on the topic: “It seems that instant the horse.” Soon, horse meat roasted. horsemeat rough dry, difficult entrance, which is perhaps the most difficult to return later to eat this meal eaten raw, but dripping empty stomach, also refused to taste, he just ate some down. Linrui En sad to see her eat, the heart can not bear, spoke and said: “wait two days, we can go back.” “one day.” Some questioned vision care Linrui En, owned by late confidently said, “less than a day, someone came here above us.” between pride, because a confident smile and radiant. Linrui En silence, eyes inadvertently swept around the bottom of this people forget the mundane, even let him give birth to a feeling of nostalgia. eating horsemeat return late, dull, his face look sparkling, smile Yingran, downcast eyes, Yan Qu deep sense of loss and melancholy eyes, my eye glanced over the valley, some frustration, so refined natural scenery, Even she is right here to give birth to feelings of attachment. Unfortunately, too many things at the world waiting for her. Fengqi slope, imperial guards constantly busy, a soldier ran command, suddenly inserted next to a soldier, spoke and said: “vice squad, can not let the soldiers take a break, have a full day and night, the brothers who are tired . ” Louis Vuitton at Outlet Malls Store Locations  soldier called Lieutenant face pained, can not help but looked toward the left of the high slope, a touch of Masahiko handsome figure standing there, motionless like, back replied: “can not rest, see the floor phase no face, you want to live? “remembered yesterday with floor-phase report, it becomes such a child, secretly a sigh, since that is the valley floor fell lady, cold anger building phase is in the state, as time goes by , and his face is getting worse. soldiers were also reported feeling infinite, quietly complained: “This is a big spark Fengqi slope more than a day’s time to fight, and now the weather has been late, there is no way down the valley to find people.” heard, deputy team also sighed and said: “No way, if you really can not find the people we afraid ……” how behind the words would not come, think I felt appalled endless. soldiers helpless, looked a station building phase where inexplicable chill pounced spine, suddenly turned and said: “Yes, the boy how to do?” voice low, showing a tired gesture. vice captain frowned, remembering the horse came yesterday afternoon, anxious boy, headache up. Since the building phase notice home, fall valley floor lady thing, afternoon, a teenager anxious horse came just about the horse, the horse fell dead because of overwork, think of that scene to now, he remembers. the kind of boy, who met either can not forget it, I heard he was building phase protégé, a talented, more rare kind of clear water temperament, really handsome boy ah! Soldier for so many years, these two days have seen the most out of color figures, and yesterday I was still wondering, is it good characters are gathered in the House to House yet? like that kind handsome boy, no one does not like it. He arrived, I was so worried, it seems kind of painful struggle with him in general, be sure to go to the bottom, obviously is a frail scholar, who would let him take the risk, not to mention Fengqi slope yesterday still raging fire. The most strange thing happened, that boy like fossils generally stood on the hillside overnight, eat or drink does not speak, and then saw him this morning, almost like a different person yesterday. saw him yesterday, is a clear and extremely young, handsome and even a little beyond the kind of gender boundaries, but today, he has long been wind blown hair, face a little haggard, yesterday, today also crystal clear eyes full of deep, and one ice-like coolness, was a teenager going to turn into a man? Overnight change a person so much? “vice squad ah, that boy some really terrible ah, yesterday is not so.” soldiers reluctantly said, “He has not eaten for a day and a night, you do not send him ah.” vice captain nodded, complex and shook his head and said: “or I go.” the hands of the soldiers took the baskets, Louis Vuitton at Outlet Malls Store Locations  the slope toward the right side door. Have not come to the front of the boy, then slips back to youth, asked: “Can you lower valley yet?” The previous day also seems clear voice, today has become like a cold frost. shook his head, deputy team is trying to eat handed over, but without looking to turn too far to see young, continued to stare at the bottom to see. Heart Antan heard, deputy team looking boy, wants to persuade the sudden thought of no use to persuade, and not opening it.

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Feeling in my heart, but now they finally understand that they could not climb the valley’s why. noted normalized nights no longer speak, Linrui En intently pile firewood, intends to roast and eat horse meat, which could have been decisive battle horse with him, is now actually used to fill its belly was thinking …… , a rotor, right on the mouth normalized nights worrying Tongmou, Linrui En little bit scared, is thinking too heavy, actually did not notice her close, Louis Vuitton Damier from Official LV Outlet  just wondering, a pair he had seen the most beautiful hands, gently to touch his left hand, instinctively want to escape, do not know why, he finally stood motionless for her to pull the left sleeve. opened Linrui En sleeves, owned by late brow deeply wrinkled, his left hand on the length of the semi-arm pull a long hole, the deepest place a few visible wound bone, coated it with ointment, blood stopped, but the wound look of terror still startled her, think to yourself, this wound, she may have to pay half the responsibility. looked up revealing a smile, owned by the quiet night asked: “This injury will be okay?” heard her voice has a real fear and remorse, Lin Pinella under the sleeves, covering the ugly wounds, broke: “The bones have been connected, no right, go back to training two days on the line.” abruptly eyes wide open, in the final night looked at him a little disbelief, broken bones, he actually can speak so easily export, pondered a moment, she went to the wood edge, from the pyre out of two flat, stunned in Linrui En vision under the brushwood caught in his left hand, Linrui En suddenly, she wanted to give his left hand to be a solid place to prevent dislocation of the bones, heart, slightly startled, warmth slowly out and spread throughout the body. Noting that no strips of cloth can be tied brushwood, owned by late some difficulty, General Lin’s clothes have been very broken, can not tear him, but could not tear his clothes, a switched, put her hand on his head been wearing silver ribbons drawn down. silver shimmer flash, a moment as silk-like black hair scattered off, Linrui En felt his heart with the fall in general, been confused like, he reached out to the activities of the right hand, gently skim over Jisi front of the dissemination of a sudden, the left hand because the clamping force by brushwood, faint bit of a pain, he was surprised, immediately release the right heart uncontrolled jerks. not noticed any strange, owned by late finish tied, showing comforting smile, reaching the hair readily a rope, eye glimpse valley next, actually there is a small pond, and my heart jump for joy cry, hurried, Linrui En see like, quite puzzled, think of her body weak, she was going to call attention, I saw her kneeling down in the pond pond, facing mirage, Shu Qi hair, grooming, Linrui En while stunned, could not help but Dan Xiao aloud. turned to continue firewood pile, put horse meat on the shelf, he opened Huozhe Zi, a fire,Louis Vuitton Damier from Official LV Outlet remember sleeping one day return later to eat anything, he turned around, the opening would call her, but in turn eye of the moment, unable to speak. valley because of the special terrain, high temperature, strong spring, scenic beauty, such as poetry and painting, but so beautiful scenery at her side only became a foil, Natural beauty carving. Powder does not stick, the more she seemed clear Yan unparalleled. thoughts fell into a deep, can not help but recall the first time I saw her look, because he wanted to seize the Prince family crossbow, casual in the “Crawford House” distribution network, are eating at the same table to a boy, the first time see to such a handsome boy, action elegant ease, just an action in the “he” who manifested took a unique charm. these not enough to confuse him, but the banquet that smile was really touched him on the battlefield for several years, never seen such a transparent, natural smile, to see the “he” could not pay, but because of the embarrassment of showing and distress, his mind the next soft, actually help “him” predicament. Originally thought it was just a small thing, Louis Vuitton Damier from Official LV Outlet  but three days later, he actually has encountered a “he”, open the door, that handsome boy smiling unparalleled stood by the door, then he really confused, found that “he” was daughter body, can not help some joy.

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